In today’s fast-paced technology landscape, it’s not enough to select the application with the most features, but also you ought to be asking yourself if the system you are acquiring to support your integrity goals is future-proofed? We believe that a superior Inspection Data Management System (IDMS) not only supports your day-to-day activities and improves oversight and simplifies your work processes but adapts to them and not the other way around.

AllAssets’ IDMS allows you to go from managing equipment and inspections with spreadsheets to have information centralized in a system where you can query the data and analyze it. Further, it helps you efficiently plan and manage where, when, and how Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) work takes place based on your time-based strategies or regulatory requirements.

With AllAssets, you get the following benefits:

  • Plan and track all types of NDT inspection, designate thickness measurement locations.
  • Calculate corrosion rates and remaining life on your equipment.
  • Track changes in pipe and tank wall thickness amongst other fixed equipment types.
  • Record relief device tests, visual inspections, and any other types of inspections.
  • Manage any type of media attachment in a single location or link to your Document Management System.
  • Use our Drawing Management feature to upload AutoCAD™ drawings and add inspection points to the drawing which can be used as part of your inspection report.
  • Create your own inspection report templates, using our configuration options.
  • Lots of data to upload? Our data upload capability allows you to use excel templates to quickly upload information such as datasheet or inspection reports.
  • Record events (such as non-conformances or repairs) discovered during inspections and follow up through completion.


With AllAssets you don’t have to compromise on security. We have embedded best practices into our development, testing and process to make sure your data is always protected. We use industry-standard encryption when communicating between the customer’s browser and the AllAssets cloud. Furthermore, key information in the database is encrypted as well.

Moreover, we contract with an independent third-party security company to execute penetration testing on our releases, making sure any vulnerabilities are remediated before we release into production.

Key Software Features

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Risk-Based Inspection (RBI)

  • No-code risk matrix configuration
  • Proven risk models for fixed equipment and relief devices used in over one million assets worldwide
  • Mass risk analysis capabilities
  • Embedded automations such as corrosion rate and inspection confidence calculations

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Maintenance Optimisation

  • FMEA/RCM analysis
  • Best-in-class asset strategies for your assets based on their condition
  • Optimization methods based on cost, reliability, and availability to improve your maintenance program’s effectiveness and cost

Model Builder

  • Low-code model creation to productize your knowledge
  • Out-of-the-box models to accelerate time-to-value
  • 20+ RBI models with over 40,000 strategies
  • 40+ models for maintenance optimization that cover the most critical equipment classes

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