AllAssets’ Risk Based Inspection (RBI) module implements, and it’s certified on the American Petroleum Institute (API) recommended practice 580, which defines it as a risk assessment and management process that is focused on loss of containment of pressurised equipment in processing facilities, due to material deterioration. These risks are managed primarily through equipment inspection.

Simply, we assess the likelihood that an asset will fail (events per year) with predefined risk models for the most common damage mechanisms that consider:

  • The equipment type
  • Unique asset characteristics: age, usage, environment, installation, design vs. operating conditions, distinctive attributes, such as the presence of an injection point for a piping circuit
  • Asset condition (based on past and future maintenance and condition monitoring)

And then we assess the magnitude of the consequence if the asset fails (impact per event, measured in $) for several categories:

  • Safety, Health, or Environmental impact (EPA Dispersion Models)
  • Monetary loss such as Maintenance cost, Production loss or Disruption to use

The result of this analysis is a prioritised list of equipment based on their risk profile visualised by a configurable risk matrix like the one below:

Which bring the following benefits to your operations:

  • M&I Task Plan optimised to the asset and the business risks
  • Includes industry recommended practices
  • May increase or decrease current maintenance requirements
  • Changes with time based on updated equipment conditions discovered during inspections

AllAssets’ Risk-based Inspection module covers the following equipment types:

Pressurised Assets

The main equipment supported by AllAssets RBI are pressure vessels, columns, piping, shell & tube and air-cooled exchangers, storage tanks, boilers, and fired heaters.

Configurable Assets

Users can track asset types not already defined in AllAssets using the Model Builder feature and several template applications, which allows you to create risk models and inspection plans for these assets.

Relief Devices

AllAssets handles not only pressure relief valves, but also rupture disks and vacuum vents.

Key Software Features

Explore AllAssets

IDMS and Asset Hub

  • Manage inspection and maintenance records
  • Keep tabs on issues with anomaly management
  • Thickness monitoring and trending
  • Single view of the most important aspects of the integrity of your assets

Maintenance Optimisation

  • FMEA/RCM analysis
  • Best-in-class asset strategies for your assets based on their condition
  • Optimization methods based on cost, reliability, and availability to improve your maintenance program’s effectiveness and cost

Model Builder

  • Low-code model creation to productize your knowledge
  • Out-of-the-box models to accelerate time-to-value
  • 20+ RBI models with over 40,000 strategies
  • 40+ models for maintenance optimization that cover the most critical equipment classes

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