AllAssets: Making a 50% reduction in planned maintenance reality

Key Facts



Exploration & Production company, Indonesia






Up to a 50% reduction in planned maintenance $78,260 in estimated annual savings

Client Challenge

Our client, who wished to remain anonymous for confidentiality reasons, focuses on the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas in Indonesia.

Cost and capital efficiency, without compromising on safety, are integral to our client’s success. Our client wanted to see if it could make more of its equipment data to reduce planned maintenance workloads, and quickly understand the cost benefits of this new approach. We were asked to run a maintenance optimization pilot project for their floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) facility. Our client’s asset offloads crude oil and LPG to a tanker, and pipes gas to Malaysia.

The pilot needed to cover the following safety-critical equipment:

  • 637 pressure safety valves (PSVs)
  • 281 emergency shutdown valves (ESDVs); 218 being safety critical
  • 67 blow down valves (BDVs)
  • 1,305 fire and gas detectors.

How We Helped

Working closely with our new client, we made full use of existing data sets and documentation over an eight-year period, our engineering expertise and our AllAssets Maintenance Optimization technology.

The pilot project was broken into three main stages, as follows.

  1. Gathering, screening and clarifying equipment data from our client, while reviewing existing maintenance strategies.
  2. Carrying out reliability analysis, including establishing the failure history for each equipment type, identifying potentially dangerous scenarios and calculating critical failure rates.
  3. Safely optimizing equipment maintenance schedules and testing intervals using our AllAssets Maintenance Optimization software and expertise, with supporting insights and recommendations including guidance on re-certification of select equipment.

Where historical data was limited, we made use of relevant asset optimization studies.

Powerful results

The pilot delivered clear results and return on investment for our client, with greater equipment reliability and fewer planned shutdowns required on the FPSO facility.

Maintenance regimes were significantly reduced, as follow:

  • by 1,220 hours for ESDVs and BDVs, saving an estimated $36,000 a year (2,616 annualized hours to 1,396 optimized hours)
  • by 101 hours for PSVs, saving an estimated $3,020 a year (494 annualized hours to 393 optimized hours)
  • by 327 hours for fire and gas detectors, saving an estimated $39,240 a year (testing intervals were increased by 50%, from 12 to 24 months, for all but H2 gas detectors).

Through the pilot’s findings, insights and recommendations, our client is now able to refocus maintenance activities in key areas for improved production availability. The business also benefits from a new level of maintenance cost transparency.

What can AllAssets do for you?

AllAssets Maintenance Optimization solution combines facility-specific asset data with our technical engineering competence and industry-standard performance benchmarks to drive performance improvement. Sophisticated risk-based algorithms allow targeted maintenance performance improvement and improved facility OPEX and uptime.

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